Healthy Body

A description image of adequate levels of Water, Protein, Carbs, Minerals, and Fat for a healthy body
Adequate Levels of Water, Protein, Carbs, Minerals, and Fat for a healthy body

Feeling sluggish? Exhausted? Burned out? Are you overweight? Feel Unhealthy? Not fit like you would like to be? A healthy body allows you to look better and feel better and it is easier than one may think!

A Healthy Body: You are What You Eat

A very large part of wellness comes from a healthy body. Of course a this goal is the direct result of a good diet, many complications can ensue mentally and physically if you do not take in proper nutrition.

A well balanced diet may seem obvious to some in the quest of having a healthy body but it really comes down to tracking what you are consuming rather than just randomly eating well. A well balanced diet consists of taking in the all nutrients that your body needs to feel well. If you do not have time or the desire to track these items closely, and still want a physical health, you can simply supplement by taking:

Protein powder
Amino Acids
Folic Acids

The Importance of Protein for a Healthy Body

Protein is especially important in feeling good and also feeling full so that you do not overeat and smash your chances at having a healthy body. Your body needs at least 60 grams of protein daily to keep you satisfied, curb your hunger, and help to build lean muscle instead of fat. Doctors say that you should consume at least 40-50
grams of protein each day. To obtain this by eating, you would have to spend around $20 a day on meat; to do this by way of supplements, you would only need to spend about $1 a day.

A Healthy Body and Your Mood

Things like protein, vitamins, and amino acids are known to reduce stress, anxiety, and combat depression. Not having a healthy body by taking care of it can certainly affect your mind and spirit. It is a good idea to eat several small meals a day than a few large ones. Eating healthy snacks in between your larger meals will help with metabolism and keep energy levels up so that you achieve a good balance of nutrients as well as achieving a healthy body; this is so because as metabolism increases, fat storage decreases.

A healthy body can also help you to have more energy to complete more tasks increasing self esteem. Not to mention, serotonin levels are depleted by eating junk food which will not only kill a healthy body but lead to major depression and anxiety. Your body is connected to your brain and vice versa. An unhealthy brain cannot produce a healthy body, nor can an unhealthy body produce a healthy brain. Focus is lost when our bodies are not getting the nutrients
they are supposed to, production goes down, self esteem is lowered, and day to day life tasks are much harder and sometimes fall by the way side. Physical health is not just for athletes but for anyone trying to find wellness.