Spiritual Health

Beautiful picture of someone walking in their true form in spiritual health
A spirit is born!

Spiritual Health VS Science

Over the years, man has always had a desire to be closer to something greater and to be in good spiritual health. Religion and dogma can include spiritual practices that foster spiritual health but one does not have to be religious or subscribe to any brand of religion to obtain it.

Time after time, scientists have been boggled by the inability to explain certain phenomenon that happen in the physical and metaphysical world; there are just certain things that science cannot explain. Therefore, it is impossible for their not to be some force inside us that if nurtured through spiritual fitness can bring out better understanding, joy, and a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

How to Obtain a Spiritual Health

Spiritual health cane be obtained via many different forms and none is more righteous or valid than the other. Some ways you can improve spiritual health are:

These practices can help anyone wanting to connect to their inner life force and get the spiritual health that they have been lacking. All in all, these are just vehicles which helps one to quiet the mind, or meditate, to give the overactive brain a rest, and to gain a better understanding of the life force inside.

The Mind and Spiritual Health

The one component of wellness that is directly connected to spirituality is the mind. When your mind is not clear, you cannot connect to your inner life force or spirit. On the flip side, those who are not feeling good spiritually, will have much trouble in brain function. The only true rest the mind gets is when it is clear from worry, thought, plans, etc. This is why things like meditation are essential so that your mind can rest. Not even sleep allows ones mind to rest as it is still very active during sleep.

Spiritual Health and Religion

Religious affiliation is not necessary but can be very helpful. Those who have something specific to believe in or follow are said to be happier than those who do not. Strengthening your spirit can be easier to find if there is a specific force you are trying to connect to or gain wisdom and comfort from.